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Glass cut to size can be utilised across a vast array of applications including walls, partitions, doors, displays, ceilings, cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture. Special safety film backing can be applied to protect against possible injury resulting from breakage.

This makes it the ideal choice for applications anywhere in the home where there is a greater risk of accidental damage, e.g. doors, wardrobes and children’s rooms.

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We offer 4mm and 6mm mirrors with a range of colours, including crystal clear mirror that uses a low iron glass to create an amazing finish.

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Mirrors types:

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Content Image Peach

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Mirrors London

Everybody knows that no interior design is complete without cut to size mirrors – they can be easily adjusted to the overall look of guest rooms, kitchens, offices, storage areas, and lofts…especially if they are ordered from us!


So there is no risk that your desired design will not be complete due to the necessity of utilizing basic, uninteresting items. Cut to size mirrors offered by our firm can also be taken advantage of as partitions, as well as indispensible elements of various items of furniture, including wardrobes, doors, and cupboards.

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We would also like to inform all the individuals interested in our goods that the pallet of available mirrors London hues is constantly expanded. As of now, it incorporates such beautiful glass colors as: blue, green, peach, antique gold, and antique silver.

Obviously, if you want to go for a classic style of finishing your habitable or office space, you can always choose a crystal clear mirror from our catalogue – it will be prepared for you in the chosen shape and dimensions as soon as humanly possible. If need be, our experts can also help you install cut to size mirrors or attach them to items of furniture they have been made for.

Do not fret, individuals cooperating with our company are exceptionally talented professionals who know almost everything about the art of making and assembling glass-based elements. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art devices and tools, so all the services provided for you will be executed not only efficiently, but also with care being taken of even smallest details.

It is also worth indicating that mirrors London offered by our company are characterized by a remarkable durability and safety, thanks to which you can be sure that even while exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, physical damages, or shocks, they will last for numerous years to come and will not pose a threat to your family members, co-workers, or clients.

We take advantage of top tier resources and finishing elements while creating our mirrors. Also, their unparalleled quality has been on many an occasion confirmed by our regular clients, who have also said that they would not change our cut to size mirrors to those offered by the competition, even while given a chance of doing so.

We think that it is the best recommendation and an ultimate proof that cooperation with our firm is always beneficial and fruitful for its customers.