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Par Glass London Ltd specialises in innovative glass products. Our service aims to bring modern, minimalist designs into the home and commercial spaces. We can offer a full design service or produce individual pieces to suit each project.

All manufacture of Optifloat TM Clear Glass meets EN 572 part 2 1995, the exacting European standard.


We have been constantly developing and improving the process to produce glass that is both of the highest quality and available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses – allowing it to be used in virtually limitless applications.

Optifloat TM benefits you, while minimising damage to the environment. It is totally recyclable and reflects the environmental stance of PAR Glass London LTD as a company.

Tint options


• Specially tinted Optifloat saves man-made energy, controls solar energy and gives a striking visual effect.

• In both homes and the workplace, Optifloat offers a practical, stylish alternative to traditional materials in screens, partitions and furniture.

• Optifloat TM Clear gives designers the freedom to create attractive modern environments that are also economical and easy to maintain.


Optiwhite TM is an extra-clear, low-iron float glass; it is practically colourless, and the green cast inherent to other glasses is not present.

It is therefore ideal for use where glass edges are visible or where a neutral colour is desired. As its light transmission is 1% and 6% higher than clear float glass in 3 mm and 15 mm thickness respectively, it is perfect for applications where transparency and purity of colour are desired.

Available in thicknesses of between 2 mm and 19 mm (the widest range on the market), Optiwhite TM provides increased design flexibility and, when combined with other products, it can offer additional benefits such as thermal insulation or self-cleaning.


• High light transmission for outstanding visual clarity when an unrestricted view is required.

• Purity of colour with minimum colour cast when viewing through the glass, ensuring a truer representation of the designer’s vision.

• Flexibility of application.

• Can be toughened or laminated for safety and security.