Glass protective screens

Our protective glass screens are potent in protecting against the direct contact with another person’s body discharge like a sneeze, cough, blood spatter and other industrial airborne wastes that are hazardous to human. The non-porous shield prevents microbes from entering the surface of secluded areas.

glass protective screens

Purpose of the screen:

glass protective screens London

Protective screens designed by us can be installed at pharmacy counters, take-away windows, reception areas, supermarkets or any other place of public gathering. The screen aims to prevent the spread of contagious disease. This protective glass shield enables the people to stay at a social distance at their workplaces. More so, they will not feel isolated and cut-off. Some specific types of screens also have sound-reducing properties. Hence, it will reduce unwanted noises from the environment as well.

Some examples of protective shields are sneeze shields, cough shield that protect people in this Covid 19 pandemic.

The protective glass screens consist of glass material, and they are:
Easy to sanitize

It allows the passing and exchange of goods through cut-outs and small windows.

Uses of glass protective screens

In this pandemic, as the virus spreads through contact, these glass shields limit the physical contact with the public and prevent the microbes from entering the surface. For example:

Sneeze guard ensures that you are at less risk in a public-facing environment. They can be portable and fixed as well. They provide a barrier against airborne particles.

Cough guard: According to WHO, the virus mainly spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so cough shield acts as a barrier between you and the potential carrier of the virus.

Checkout screens: Transparent glass screens create a partition between customers and cashiers at the checkouts. Exchange of Receipts and other essential documents is carried out within the space between the counter surface and the underside of the frame. Such measures have enabled supermarkets to keep functioning.

glass screens London

Countertop glass protection: The glass panel provides adequate protection without blocking light. It is more helpful when several numbers of people are using the same counter and desk. It maintains the social distance between people.

Although everyone is trying to limit the exposure to the outside environment, yet some duties are inevitable. Our protective screens are an ideal solution to enable employees to maintain social distance in the office and other working environments. At Parglass we think that it is our utmost duty to take every precautionary measure during this harsh time as our negligence will not only affect us but also everyone around us.