Toughened Laminated glass is normally used when there is a risk of human or mechanical impact or where the glass could fall if shattered and also for architectural applications. Skylight glazing typically uses laminated glass. Otherwise, it is widely used for external and internal roof, balcony and terrace balustrades, including the popular Juliette balconies and many more. At PAR Glass, we can offer most of those architectural applications, as described on this website, under relevant sections.

An additional advantage of laminated glass is that a PVB and EVA interlayer can block essentially most ultraviolet radiation. A thermoset EVA could block up to 99.9% of the UV rays.

EVA lamination glass

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glass lamination

The laminated glass can also be a highly decorative material. With a wide variety of interlayers supplied by PAR Glass, you can visually enhance any internal or external space where the laminated glass is used. If you want colour, we have an interlayer for that. Privacy? Ask for interlayers offering different levels of opaqueness. Something absolutely modern? We recommend a range of meshes which, sandwiched in between the layers of glass, give this contemporary and remarkable character to the glass structure by an array of patterns, whilst changing the whole perception of an otherwise minimalistic solution, by adding the ability to either accentuate the glass element, or create a perfect harmony with the surroundings, whether man made or natural.

If you have a concept where laminated glass is required, contact us and our team will be more than happy to discuss it in further detail, provide with a free quotation and offer guidance through the steps along the way to successful completion of the project.